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Chocolate Diamonds

Chocolate Diamonds

Chocolate Diamonds

Chocolate Diamonds

Chocolate diamonds are special brown-hued jewels varying in shade from bright champagne tint to dark brown. They should not be confused with colored gems, these are real diamonds formed through the natural process of carbon put under high pressure. These products are usually less costly compared to the colorless versions. Furthermore, unique contrast features often give these jewels a great sense of fashion. One popular design includes a huge brown diamond often surrounded by several small white jewels of the same kind.


These products are extracted in different parts of the world particularly Russia, Africa and Australia. Nevertheless, the largest minefields are found in Argyle region of North West Australia. It takes more than a billion years for Chocolate diamonds to form under high geological pressure. The color darkens depending on amount of pressure exerted by volcanic activity and depth of the carbon elements.
One should be extra-careful when shopping for these jewelry pieces, there are some unscrupulous dealers who are fond of exposing substandard diamonds to high radiation temperatures, this may also change the product’s color to light brown. Though such diamonds may seem authentic at first sight, they have zero market value and can’t be resold by the owner. Always remember to buy from reputable jewelers for the best bargains, also remember to request for an official authenticity certificate.

How to choose the best chocolate diamonds

Nowadays, jewelers make more tan diamonds due to their high market demand. Buyers require a few jewelry buying skills to get the most of their money.


1. Dust the product using a clean piece of cloth before assessing it further. Oil residues from dirty fingers often collect on precious jewelry surfaces leaving them looking dull and dreary. Thoroughly polishing the surface before purchase gives the diamond a clean and fresh look.

2. Use a standard jeweler’s loupe device to assess the product. Diamond graders rate them based on carat weight, cut, clarity and richness of color. A good product should pass in all these aspects.

3. Assess the material’s central section under bright light using the loupe device. Note that dark diamonds may camouflage minor flaws easily compared to white diamonds, therefore be keen to look for black spots and scratches that may diminish the product’s brilliance.

4. Check the product’s design setting in case it has any. A quality diamond features symmetrical prongs and clear-cut bezel edges. The prongs need to cover all exposed points especially in designs like princes, pear and marquise shapes.

 Chocolate Diamonds Overview

Compare your chocolate diamonds with others found in local jewelry stores. They should contain identical gradients which is a unique characteristic of all high-grade diamonds. Moving on, these products often cost more for each carat since large-sized raw diamonds tend to be rare in the market. This particular jewelry boasts of nearly all the properties found in white diamonds, however their unique color aspect makes them stand out. Even so, the eye-striking spectral shades found in colorless diamonds don’t show in darker precious products. There are also special rules that should be followed when cleaning chocolate diamonds.